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A Centenary Compendium of the Jabez Stories


Stories in North Staffordshire Dialect

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With a short break in the 1980’s Wilf Bloor produced a ‘Jabez’ story for the Sentinel – the local evening newspaper of North Staffordshire – every week from 1968 until his death in 1993. During that time he also wrote a series of Bible stories, retold in ‘dialect’.

Three collections of his stories were published between 1972 and 1978, and each sold several thousand copies.

The stories were written on the ancient typewriter and only those typescripts and the copies of the print set books were available as a source for the compendium.

The original typeset script in the books were scanned by Dr Roger Bloor using an optical character reader and converted to a digital file.The complexities of North Staffordshire dialect proved a challenge for modern spell checkers and Roger had to develop a separate North Staffs Dialect spell checker.

The final scanned document was hand proof checked and corrected using the original books and the author’s manuscripts at Keele when there was any confusion as to the correct spelling or use of vocabulary.

The editorial team consisted of Wilfs 4 sons and their respective contribution to the compendium are acknowleged below.



Dr Roger N Bloor Editor

( Manuscript Creation - Book Design & Creation)


Dr Ian K Bloor Senior Proof Reader

(Dialect Expert and Glossary Author)


Dr Alan S Bloor Proof Reader


Mr David M Bloor Proof Reader

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